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What is the procedure for ISO 14001 certification in Denmark function? What's the objective for obtaining ISO 14001:EMS?

ISO 14001 Certification in Denmark is a set of standards developed by ISO, an organization known as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Its purpose is to identify the best practices for companies that wish to minimize their environmental footprint by implementing an effective eco-friendly management process (EMS ).


The systems for EMS are developed to monitor and report on the sustainability of the environment to both internal and external people who are involved. Businesses use them to ensure compliance, allowing companies to avoid fines and public relations (PR) scandals. They also boost efficiency by reducing waste generated in the distribution or manufacturing process.


How does ISO 14001 Certification work in Denmark?


ISO 14001 is just one of the more than 23,000 standards ISO has developed since its beginning in 1947. They are an array of standards designed to help businesses reduce the amount of waste and pollution they produce by introducing eco-friendly management methods. Similar to the other ISO standards, ISO 14001 is not a set of rules that must be adhered to. ISO 14001 does not constitute an exclusive set of guidelines that have to be strictly followed by the participating business. Instead, it's a set of standards and procedures that should be tailored to the particular requirements and requirements of the company which is being considered.


Why get ISO 14001 Certification in Denmark?


The most significant benefit is what ISO 14001 offers:


  • Legal aid Legal assistance is an Environmental Management System that lets you confirm that your business is conforming to the present and future laws on environmental protection.
  • Lower costs Making the most efficient use of your resources, making sure you are energy efficient, and implementing an intelligent waste management plan to control costs.
  • Improved customers' confidence in an era where both consumers and companies consider sustainability an essential factor, and implementing ISO 14001 leads to better sustainability and higher levels of loyalty.
  • Engagement: Leadership within the business is actively involved in environmental management. Additionally, you promote the motivation and enthusiasm that your workers display.
  • Design-specific custom-made for private and public organizations can use the same format regardless of their size and industry.
  • Respect for international standards international respect The ISO Management standard has been widely accepted and increases your credibility during negotiations.
  • Internal learning curve Since you must record the environmental indicators you're using with accuracy and regularly transmit them to your employees, your business can gain a wealth of knowledge.

6 Reason to get ISO 14001 Certification in Denmark


  • Main Objective
  • Green Growth
  • Cost Reduction
  • Boost Client Relationship Management
  • Complies to Regulatory Framework
  • Employee Engagement


The short-form method as well as the fundamental concepts in the area of Environmental Management Systems:


PDCA cycle will guarantee the development of an environmentally-friendly management system that is implemented systematically.

PDCA is a technique that aids companies in having better control over the monitoring and control of equipment. For instance, it could aid in developing an environmental policy, and later keep track of it and make updates regularly.


Why do you need to choose Factocert Consultant Company for an ISO 14001 certification in Denmark?


Factocert is one of the most reputable ISO 14001 Certification consultants in Denmark. We offer the top ISO Services, CE mark, HALAL, HACCP certification along with auditing documentation, training, and Auditing at an affordable price. We also assist with Auditing within Denmark cities like CopenhagenAarhusAalborgOdenseFrederiksberg, and many other cities. For more info: www.factocert.com or contact@factocert.com

What's a quality management system that is the ISO 9001 Certification in Bahrain?

ISO 9001 Certification in Bahrain standard belongs to the ISO 9000 family. ISO 9000 and the major purpose of this specific International Standard will focus on quality management systems within any company. The two principal aspects that are being focused on are our ability to satisfy our customers and continuous improvement of all processes that ISO 9001 standards will be applied.


ISO 9001 Consultants in Bahrain is one of the most essential requirements for any business because it can solve any issue an organization has to face. ISO 9001 Certification in Bahrain specifies the requirement for the quality management system. It was last updated in 2015. ISO 9001 is one of the most important international standards used to establish and implement the quality management program for an organization.



What are the advantages of an effective quality management system for your company?


Quality is a crucial factor in the quest for the best service in the market. If a business is expanding it is essential to increase the effectiveness of deliveries, while ensuring the best quality is of the most importance. The demand of customers is always to have their delivery promptly. However, the business has to ensure that both safety and quality are maintained to guarantee a prompt time of delivery to the consumer. It also benefits the consumer if they provide the capability to monitor the status of the products at any given time within the timeframe. This can reduce the amount of risk faced by the manufacturing company.


Merits of ISO 9001 Certification in Bahrain:



  • ISO 9001 is a powerful international standard that aids companies in focusing on their goals and objectives.
  • It helps in the performance of various legal obligations.
  • It is among the tools that could be employed to improve markets facilities.
  • It helps in achieving customer satisfaction.



It builds trust with our customers as well as clients and other customers who are involved in your services and products.


How to get ISO Certification in Bahrain?


We provide the best ISO 9001 Certification in Bahrain for build your industry globally, if you have any of these ISO Certification services please click on this like factocert.com and you have any questions about ISO 9001 Certification please contact@factocert.com, we promise to provide the best ISO Consultants to your business.


We offer a variety of solutions within Bahrain:


Within Bahrain, Muharraq, Isa Town, Sitra, Budaiya, Jidhafs, and other important cities, we offer various certification and certification services. We offer reasonable prices for execution, documentation, and advice services.


  • CE Mark Certification
  • SA 8000
  • VAPT Certification
  • GLP Certification
  • GMP Certification
  • HALAL Certification

The Best Side of ISO Certification in Jordan

ISO Certification provider in Nigeria

ISO Certification in Nigeria is one of the essential certifications sought by the companies in this country. As we all know, Nigeria is one of the predominant countries in the Africa, and it is known all across the globe for its highly futuristic Infrastructures, skyscrapers, economy, and tourism and versatility of this particular country. Because of this immense popularity in the past decade, there has been widespread improvement in every sector of the industry of Nigeria. As the industries and companies are increasing day by day, the increase in competition is also high. ISO Certification in Nigeria Companies in Nigeria are always looking for the right solutions and marketing strategies to make sure They Stand ahead of all the other competitors and have an official name in the present market of continual improvement. What better can a company get than getting ISO certification in Abuja or to make sure its name heard and recognized all across the country and all across the globe.


How to get ISO certification in Nigeria

ISO Certification in Nigeria is one of the essential certifications sought by the companies in this country. As we all know, ISO Certification in Abuja, Lagos, Benin City  is one of the predominant countries in the Africa, and it is known all across the globe for its highly futuristic Infrastructures, skyscrapers, economy and the tourism and versatility of this particular country.


List of ISO Certification Bodies in Nigeria

ISO Certification in Nigeria is one of the essential certifications sought by the companies in this country. As we all know, Nigeria is one of the predominant countries in the African continent,


  • ISO 9001 Certification in Nigeria
  • ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria
  • ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria
  • ISO 27001 Certification in Nigeria
  • ISO 45001 Certification in Nigeria

Please Contact the Best ISO Certification consultant company in Nigeria We is happy to help you in the certification process at your doorsteps. The process is simpler, faster, and affordable only 4 steps to finish you certification click here https://factocert.com




ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia - A Complete Review

External audit: Auditors from the certification gadget shall positioned into action the administration manner as in step with the requirements produced reachable due to the everyday.


The truth of your make a difference is, because of the truth no two carriers are precisely the same, ISO specifications are intentionally nevertheless left difficult to understand in order that each corporation prepares documents, bureaucracy, processes, and procedures that ideal wholesome their one of a kind organizations.


ISO 50001 indoors audits is generally outsourced to consultancy kinds like ourselves which ensures that it's far carried out effectively.


Now you may need to have an knowledge of which are the associated specifications which may be applicable for your marketplace kind or which can be the requirements closing required to be executed for your business enterprise as insisted through your purchaser, government soft approach enhancement wishes to be decided. ISO Certification Services in Saudi Arabia has to make sure that on prosperous identity of general or some of traditional what we telephone as built-in administration system ought to be recognized. The following segment following pinpointing the standard ought to well be establish or recognise no matter whether you could rent the applicable or diagnosed normal for the company as in keeping with ISO certification in Saudi Arabia. Should you return to the precis that employing oneself or employing employees with the intention to put into effect this administration method is not absolutely possible it is nice to return to a point on the usage of a aid through a professional who can absolutely appoint the ISO certification registration products and services in Saudi Arabia.


Amplified comprehension of Electrical power use and consumption by manner of described solutions, strategies of records choice


Inside audit: Many of the experienced interior audit and auditors as to ensure that Recurrent internal audits is still carried thru the company as in keeping with the necessities of ISO registration in Jeddah.


Also it is often recommended that for folks that selected the very excellent Consultants of ISO certification in Saudi Arabia to carry out the same old necessities you have to normally Be sure that a 3rd party Certification physique surely ought to be linked to ISO audit vendors in Saudi Arabia which make the approach keep to tons more stringent. This is in reality the best technique to growth the introduced layer protection to apprehend foremost loopholes inside of the technique.


We Guantee that ISO certification exercising does not simply emerge as documentation orientated job, we continuously consider that ISO is a by-product but our maximum critical intention and focus on / goal is how do we reach system standardization and sustainable aggressive advantage. Our answer is pretty simple and smooth to put into practice. We Guantee that we use the most of the contemporary technique this is absolutely via now optimized and satisfies wishes of the specific ISO standards. There is not an area of converting every little aspect for that sake of certification. The excellent factor about ISO conventional is it'll tell you what to do, it won't ever let you know the nice way to do….Below ended up our understanding and experience comes into image. We layout a really perfect process to your enterprise click here that meets all the necessities on the ISO not unusual and simultaneously it facilitates Corporation perform advanced with the aid of aligning all of their procedures, gadgets, folks and assets to enhance productiveness and performance.. We offer the following ISO certification in Saudi Arabia.


IIn-residence applications produce schooling to many staff contributors without delay, As a end result decreasing travel prices and handing over you with the closing advantage and worth for finances.


The fact in the make a distinction is, due to the reality no  companies are precisely the equal, ISO specifications are deliberately ultimate difficult to understand in order that every Business prepares files, paperwork, rules, and techniques that greatest in accurate shape their precise companies.


H.A. Consultancies ensures that its purchasers will no longer probable need to pay any supplemental expenses in case they do not pass their ISO 9001 audit The first actual time as it will make sure that they might not want to adopt an audit Unless of course they're Prepared.


We're most of the market leaders for consulting and Certification. Now we've finished 100% records of achievements in relation to profitable venture crowning glory. We presently being ISO certification advertising consultant in Saudi Arabia we have been focused on encouraging our clients instead of making sales as we assume when our customers grow us as properly increase in addition to them.


In addition, Each character path remains very well built to include instructive, instructive, and interesting written content material. In this manner, on the internet Mastering can warranty a precious and fulfilling schooling Remedy. See on-line charges Our bendy on-line applications offer you 24/seven access


When you have agreed to our citation, Our team will present the important trainings to you and can entire the documentation operate wished for ISO 9001 certification.

Helping The others Realize The Advantages Of ISO 14001 CERTIFICATION

Outer review: Auditors from the accreditation generally speaking body will try the administration framework according to the necessities structured realistic from the regular. 


  1. an) unquestionable requirement uncover its capacity to routinely display administrations and items that satisfy client and material statutory and administrative requests, and 


By discovering ISO 9001 Certified There might be the planned for expanded association in both most recent and new commercial centers. Besides, You can locate an All round improvement in the supplier/items top notch staying offered for the client. 


Our client care masters will most likely be substance to explain more subtleties on our ISO 50001 examining suppliers for organizations in Saudi Arabia. Present an ISO 50001 Inquiry Sort and among our masters will connect with you rapidly. 


Depicts the nuts and bolts of brilliant administration units which sort the subject of your ISO 9000 family members and determines the phrasings utilized. 


Our critical parts of endeavoring remarkable result are information and information. We carry out the responsibility with co-activity by knowing their different needs and delight them with what they need. 


A solid initial move toward arriving at your motivation of ensuring your business over the ISO 9001 standard is to teach your staff who'll be chipping away at the test. 


The strategy improvement preparing was magnificent. Because of the reality our accentuation was much more on system headway than affirmation it really helped the staff. 


We'll give help through definite confirmation review to verify that your Firm accomplishes affirmation appropriately. 


At H.A. Consultancies, we recognize the dissimilarities among organizations and similarly acknowledge exactly what the particulars intend to acknowledge through their an assortment of statements. 


ISO confirmation in Saudi Arabia can be outstanding and flawlessly famous accreditation. It's the universes biggest designer of International determinations and it has set up 21000+ particulars till day. It handles Pretty a lot of a considerable lot of the spaces and unmistakable modern parts. 


H.A. additionally oversees cooperations with affirmation bodies for the benefit of its buyers in order to constrain the quantity of visits which are required with the reviews to your least. 


ISO 14001 Documentation Preparing all the fundamental ISO 14001 desk work is regularly a mind-boggling accomplishment. The ISO 14001 standard is very open to elucidation with respect to Conference its documentation requirements. In this way, associations searching for to place energetically the ISO 14001 normal can discover without anyone else battling at an opportune time of their ISO venture. The truth with the subject is, because of the reality no two suppliers are a comparative, ISO criteria are purposefully left loose so every Corporation gets ready administrative work, types, protection approaches, and procedures that best suit their unmistakable organizations. 


When you've consented to our citation, Our workforce will supply the normal trainings to you and will exhaustive the documentation carry out the responsibility expected for ISO CLICK HERE 9001 confirmation.

The Greatest Guide To ISO Certification in Bahrain to Improve Productivity

Quality Management System.

About Riffa, Bahrain

Riffa is the second biggest city in Bahrain, and comprehensively partitioned into West Riffa and East Riffa. These two are the biggest in the Southern Governorate. Riffa is one of the mainstream traveler goals in Bahrain. The East Riffa offers a few attractions to guests including the Riffa Fort (Sheik Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fateh Fort), aside from various shopping centers to look over. The two fundamental shopping avenues here are the Riffa Bazaar and the Bukuwara Street in the Royal Golf Club. The Riffa Views created by Arcapita, is one of the huge private and business focuses in East Riffa.

The East Riffa has a bigger number of shops and markets than West Riffa. Middle Easterner and Jewelry ensembles and aromas accessible here are very mainstream. The region likewise has not many Souqs, with Persian Carpets, Arabian fragrance and Arabian oil being sold here. Riffa is likewise a decent spot to buy gold, much the same as in Manama or different territories in Bahrain, and gold is accessible at great deal.

There is an enormous shopping center in Riffa, the Riffa Shopping Mall, wherein one gets the chance to investigate every single marked thing including shoes, glasses, articles of clothing, and an assortment of different merchandise.

Notwithstanding, West Riffa is all the more a private territory, and dominant part of administering family, including pastors and business speculators possess this zone. The acclaimed Clock Tower of Riffa is situated at West Riffa. Every significant game occasions are held in West Riffa. You can likewise invest significant energy to visit the habitations of the King of Bahrain, H.H. Hamad canister Isa Al-Khalifa, and the Prime Minister, Sheik Khalifa receptacle Salman Al Khalifa.

Riffa Fort in Bahrain is completely restored Riffa Fort was built in 1812 by Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fatih, the 19th-century ruler of Bahrain. A classic piece of Bahraini fortification, it now boasts a small museum with raised walkways leading through a series of interactive spaces that really enhance the visitor experience. A late-afternoon visit is particularly atmospheric, especially if it is finished off on the cafe's outdoor glass terrace overlooking the Hunayniyah Valley, just as the call to prayer engulfs it. If you have the time, pop into the fort's mosque near the northern corner. This is usually left open outside of prayer times and was once part of the original complex, as alluded to by the restored architectural style. Riffa Fort is in the east of Riffa and is well signposted.



ISO Certification in Riffa, Bahrain

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System:

ISO certification in Riffa can be easily obtained by contacting Factocert – best ISO Consultant in Riffa Bahrain. You may contact Factocert at www.factocert.com or email on contact@factocert.com

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System Manual:

Operation – Operational planning and control

Quality planning is required before new products are created or new processes implemented. <COMPANY NAME> has determined the planning process for realization of product and service:

  • Determine the Quality Objectives and requirements of the product.
  • Establish processes and documentation and provide resources and facilities specific to realization of the product and service.
  • Establish processes ISO 9001 Certification in Bahrain for monitoring, inspection, verification and validation of the product. Establish and document the criteria for acceptability of the product and service to the customers.
  • Maintain necessary documented information to provide evidence of conformity to processes. Maintain necessary documented information to provide evidence that the resulting product meets customer requirements.

Determination of Requirements for products and services

Customer Communication

<COMPANY NAME> has implemented effective arrangements for communicating with the customer through different media such as telephone, website, email &courier. Customer communication includes communication related to product or general enquiry, product information, contracts, amendment, customer feedback and complaints.

Determination of Requirements related to products and services

<COMPANY NAME> has implemented systems to determine and record customer requirements including

  • Product requirements specified by the customer, including the requirements for availability, delivery and support.
  • Product requirements not specified by the customer but necessary for intended use or meeting the specification.
  • Obligations related to product, including statutory, regulatory and any other requirements.

Reference: Customer Enquiry Register

Review of requirements related to products and services

  • The Business Development department reviews the requirements of the Customer related to the product.
  • This review is done after receiving an order. The review would cover all Technical and Commercial aspects.
  • In case of change in product requirements, the organization ensures that relevant documented information is amended and relevant personnel informed.

Reference: Contract Review

Design and development of products and services


<COMPANY NAME> will establish, implement and maintain a design and development process where the detailed requirements of the organization’s products and services are not already established or not defined by the customer or by other interested parties, such that they are adequate for subsequent production or service provision.

Design and development planning

The design and development procedure outlines the process ISO Certification in Bahrain for controlling the design and development process. The Project Team plans design and development according to this procedure.

The design plan includes:

  • Project management plan
  • Design and development stages
  • Required design reviews
  • Verification and validation methods appropriate to each design and development stage
  • Responsibilities and authorities for design and development
  • Identification of the technical interfaces required for the project
  • Updating of the design plan as the project progresses



Design and Development Inputs

Inputs relating to product requirements are determined and documented according to the Design and Development procedure. All inputs are reviewed for adequacy and completeness, and to resolve any ambiguous inputs.

Inputs include:

  • Functional and performance requirements
  • Applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Where applicable, information derived from previous similar projects
  • Other requirements essential for design and development

Design and Development Controls

Design verification is planned and performed to ensure that the design and development outputs have satisfied the design and development input requirements. Evidence of the results of the verification and any necessary actions are maintained according to the Design and Development procedure

Design and development validation is performed according to the design plan to ensure that the resulting product is capable of fulfilling the requirements for the specified or known intended use or application. Validation is completed prior to delivery whenever practicable. Evidence of the validation activities are maintained according to the design and development procedure.

Design and Development Outputs

Outputs of design and development are documented according to the Design and Development Procedure they are documented in a format that enables verification against the inputs, and are approved prior to release.

Design and Development Changes

The design and development procedure defines a process for identifying, recording, verifying, validating and approving design changes. The review of design and development changes includes an evaluation of the effect of the changes on constituent parts and delivered product. Evidences are maintained to show the results of the review and any necessary actions identified during the review.


ISO Certification In Kuwait - All Benefits

ISO Certification in Kuwait is the greater economic element in every organization. On 23rd of February in the year 1947 this organisation was established by a group of delegates from different countries across the globe. ISO Certification in Kuwait  ISO is the largest standard setting body which has already published 20000 different types of international standards. These standards represent business aspect and commercial industry structure with respect to standard requirement and applicable in various countries.

ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Certification Scheme. ISO 22000 System was designed to provide companies in the food industry with an ISO-based food safety management system certification that is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Recognition by GFSI provides worldwide recognition and acceptance by food manufacturers and retailers. ISO22000 defines requirements for integrated processes that work together to control and minimize food safety hazards. Once a facility implements processes that address all the requirements of ISO 22000, they can be certified to ISO22000. ISO Consultant in Kuwait The certification program is managed by the Foundation for Food Safety Certification. The ISO22000 system uses a management systems approach to food safety, using ISO 22000 for the management system requirements and ISO Technical Standards (for prerequisite program requirements). The food safety management system integrates nicely with other management systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Managing Risk First and foremost, building an ISO 22000 System will provide your company with effective management of food safety hazards by creating an environment capable of producing safe product and a management system to continually manage, monitor, validate and improve the system. iso service in kuwait Becoming certified can help you stay competitive and qualified to work with your current customers as well as to gain access to new ones. Increase your market reach Large retailers and multinational manufacturers or processors are also demanding certification of their suppliers. Having ISO 22000 Certification means you are qualified to supply these organizations or their suppliers, opening up a large market for your products. Prepare for upcoming regulatory changes Countries across the globe are making changes to food safety regulations, including the United States and its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). ISO 22000 prepares your organization to meet many or most of the ISO 22000 standard requirements.

Factors involved in Implementation:

  • Designate and train your ISO 22000 Food Safety Team Leader.
  • Designate teams to design, document and implement the required processes and food safety fundamentals.
  • Train your internal audit team.
  • Run your system, collect records, perform internal audits, management review and Food Safety Team meetings.
  • Make corrections and improvements to your system.
  • Schedule and complete your audits.

The outcome of the gap analysis will be a task list for your project. You will assign the tasks to the task teams that you have identified.

  1. Complete the “Gap Analysis Checklist & Training” session to learn how to plan and conduct the gap, what to do with your results, and download checklists for your audit. Note that this training is included in the Complete Training Package.
  2. Identify any other auditors that will be involved, and brief them on the audit plan and techniques. 3. Inform employees that the audit will be taking place, and the purpose of the audit. You want employees to feel comfortable answering auditor’s questions; understanding the purpose of the audit will help establish their comfort with the process.
  3. Conduct the audit and document findings on the checklists.
  4. Create a task list, or use the list provided in the ISO 22000 Templates and Implementation Tools or Complete Training Package. Where ever you identify requirements that are not yet being complied with, document a task on the list. The ISO 22000 Templates and Implementation Tools and Complete Training Packages provide both an overall project task list, and individual team task lists. iso audit in kuwait If you have purchased the package, simply add the tasks to the lists provided. Many common tasks are already on the individual team task lists as well as information on the process requirements and a place to assign timelines.
  5. Provide the appropriate task list to each task team.

Factocert stress more on Customer satisfaction, is proven to be our strong believe. We have the mantra "your success is Our success". iso provider in kuwait Unique documentation technique helps the organisation to overcome the challenges of aligning the standard requirements. Keeping things in places in any organisation in the beginning stages it's a lot of efforts with the business objectives.

How to obtain CE Mark Certification ?

CE marking is an approval factor that is provided on the products to meet the conformity by the European Union. If any product is affixed with CE mark, it means that the product has reached the requirements of European Union health and safety.

To get the legal authority for your product inside the European countries, CE marking is made mandatory.

This confirms that the product has achieved the minimum legal requirements which are published by authorized derivatives set by the EU nations.

  • Let’s consider what the benefits that system can Unleash are is the product has been certified with CE marking.

Advantages of getting CE Mark for the product company.

  • CE Mark stands as a passport for the product which has to get into European market place. The company will have a legal right over the products to get the distribution in and around the European countries.
  • By following the conformity that are derived by the European Union.
  • The institution will have a standard way of processing the procedures. We provide the best CE Mark consultants.
  • The concern on the quality of the product can be fully eliminated.
  • The product which is having CE marking on them can delivered worldwide.
  • The product company should go for CE marking which are having the CE mark derivatives.
  • Conformity like Medical devices, construction materials, cable wire, weighing machines, measuring unit devices and many more.

Why to go with CE Mark/Use of CE Mark ?

The CE marking affixing on the product ensure the distribution inside the European Union, which consists of 30 countries in total.

The measures taken to meet the requirements of CE mark will show the customer, the strong commitment towards product safety.

  • The company can easily have the way of building the brand name for the company just by having the worldwide distribution of the product.

This can be easily achieved by getting the CE Mark on the product and meeting all the derivative requirements. Just drop an email to us on contact@factocert.com

What is product certification?

The products are certified by the CE mark according to their needs might be harmful to the end-users and also the company.

To avoid all those claims and damages, one has to go with product certification, which will meet all the legal requirements. The product which wants to get marketed in the European Economic Area has to be certified by the CE mark.

Interesting facts about CE.

CE mark is an global standard which is compiled at different levels.

It provides a guarantee for the conformity of the product to the regulations of the European Union.

If the products are CE certified, then consumers would trust that your products are safe, healthy and nature friendly to use.

By getting certified to CE mark, following are the points to be noted:

  • Technical files related product has to be kept by the company or any other authorities once the product has been released in the market.

The Logo usage should be done according to the European Union rules.

Just by getting certified by the CE mark cannot act as proof of compliance but the technical file for the file does.

CE Mark Logo usage

After conducting an enormous test and passing that successfully, the company or an importer has to affix the CE mark logo on their product. And the logo must be legible and visible on the products or even the packages. This marking and the declaration of conformity together proves that product meets the entire requirement according to the CE directives. Know more about CE Mark cost at www.factocert.com

Product labeling rules

  • The letter CE on the product should be visible and noticeable.
  • It should be of size specified by the European Union

If it is not possible to affix the CE mark logo on the product due to the design and size. it can be placed on the package along with the technical file.

The logo should be durable in such a way that, it can face or resist any external harm.

How Factocert can be the best option for you ?

Factocert is a leading and recognized global company which includes Consulting of ISO certification of global standards and third-party audit services.

We always aim to provide customer satisfaction and put 100% efforts to offer the best solutions for your company.

And we have well- versed expertise who have subject knowledge both technical and legal. Our experts would help your company for Quality Assurance, product design, product safety, and other use of facilities. So, when it comes to ISO or any Global standards, Factocert is the best for you.



ISO certification in Oman | ISO certification in Saudi Arabia | ISO certification in UAE |
ISO certification in Kuwait | ISO certification in Iraq | ISO certification in Philippines

ISO 9001 vs. ISO 27001

ISO is an acronym for an international organization for standardization which established in the year 1947 and the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The main aim of ISO is to publish the standards, and it defines the norms and rules to overcome the risks for all the products that people use.

Not only that also includes provisions how product manufactured, but quality also has to test, and how the information security.

Depending upon the process and scope of the organization, ISO has published more than 22000 + of standards throughout the globe.

Among which ISO 9001 is one of the first and generic standards which can apply to all the organization which is looking for customer satisfaction and the process improvement.
And another standard ISO 27001 specifies the requirement for an information security management system it provides a Framework for procedures and policies which include all the physical, legal and technical controls involved in the organization’s information management processes.

Let us know more about ISO 9001 & ISO 27001

Every organization works to meet a customer and legal requirements, so it is becoming more common to the organizations to maintain and obtain the multiple ISO certifications.
One of the great combinations of the certification which has gained more popularity is ISO 9001, quality management system, and ISO 27001, information security management system.

As discussed earlier ISO 9001 is a quality management system which specifies the requirement for an industry or organization to demonstrate its capability to provide the entire product and services consistently to meet the regulatory and customer needs.

If the organization has achieved an ISO 9001 certification, it means there is a successful demonstration of the process which involves the product or service of the operation, customer focus, development and design of services and products, infrastructure, input and output designs, and how the process managed externally.

Now coming to ISO 27001, it is an International standard which focuses on the useful information security management system of the organization by implementing the standard.
If the organization certified by ISO 27001 standard, it means the organizations can manage the information security risks by implementing the standard along with other supporting standard ISO 27002.
ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 are two different International standards which specify different requirements, but few factors shared between these two standards, which includes:

  • Scope
  • Leadership
  • Support For Human Resources
  • Document Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Monitoring And Measurement
  • Review Of The Management
  • Continual Improvement

And the differences we can find between these two standards are listed below:

ISO 9001 – The main objective of ISO 9001, quality management system is to maintain all the expected quality standards in the industry or an organization, and it does not require SOA (statement of applicability).

ISO 27001 – The main objective of the information security management system is to garments for implementing, establishing, maintaining, and continuously improving the information security risks. Along with this that utilizes the controls to support the information security management system from the standard ISO 27002.

Both standards have different requirements and are very helpful and useful when they implemented for the organization.

So if your organization choosing for both the rules, they would be benefited from a quality point of view and also on the information security point of view.



ISO certification in Oman | ISO certification in Saudi Arabia | ISO certification in UAE |
ISO certification in Kuwait | ISO certification in Iraq | ISO certification in Philippines

How to Get ISO Certification?

ISO publishes the International standards, and there are about 22000 + of standards throughout the globe.

Depending upon the scope of an individual organization, it can choose the suitable International standard, which will be having specific requirements.

If the organization is not aware of a rule to determine, one of the best options is to go to the consulting organization where their main aim is to provide the best solution for the problems which the organizations are facing by making the process as simple as possible.

We the consulting company, Factocert’s main motto is to gain customer satisfaction and improve the process.

The ISO certification certifies a management system, services, manufacturing process, or procedures for documentation purpose, which consists of all the requirements of quality assurance and standardization.

These ISO certifications are issued to the organization to ensure the safety, quality, and efficiency of services, systems, and products.

So when the organization decides to opt for an ISO certification has to go through some following procedures.

Most of the companies choose for 9001 certifications which are considered to be the basis for most of the ISO standards. And the cost for each International standard differs because each one describes specific requirements and not only that it also depends upon the size of the company.

Before getting certified firstly, the organization has to develop and document all the business procedures.
The following steps that have to be followed by an organization to get ISO to get certification with the help of consulting bodies

Management System has to develop

  • The business process or the core of the business has to be identified.
  • Employees should be involved in the documentation process
  • The access for the information those who need have to be reviewed and approved.

System should implement

  • According to the documentation procedures the work has to be performed
  •  Depending upon the type of task, the employees should be trained and should make sure that they are performing well.
  • Reports should be created to cover the fields like testing, inspection, preventive actions, corrective actions, management review meetings, statistical techniques, monitoring of objectives.
  • Using the measurable data, the effectiveness of the process has to monitor.
  • The necessary actions have to be taken to improve the area which is affected.

Verifying that system is effective

  • The audit and the review process has to be conducted to check the effectiveness.
  •  Based on strength and weakness, the management system has to identify and document.
  • Corrective and preventive actions have to take.

Registering your system

  • As discussed earlier, the Consulting body has to be chosen by the organization so that they can consult you on how to overcome all these procedures and get you certified.
  • The documentation related to the management system has to be submitted for the verification process to make sure that it meets all the requirements of the International standard.
  • After conducting all this process it has to be audited by an external auditor so that the preparation has to be done by the organization to confirm the requirements according to the standard so that the auditor would be satisfied by the implementation process as the management system is active.




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What is ISO certification and accreditation?

ISO is an international standard-setting body which comprises of representatives of standard organizations from various Nations. The headquarters of ISO is in Geneva, Switzerland and it was established in the year 1947, Feb 23.

ISO is an independent, Non- profitable and Non-governmental organization which is involved in publishing the standards and it is not engaged in issuing the certification. It has published more than 22000 + of rules and it has 164 member countries working for it.

And each standard describes a specific requirement based on the organization’s scope.

There are Certification bodies to issue the certification for different standards which has been published by ISO. ISO certification and ISO accreditation are two different things.

But both are a formal process of implementing the standard which involves a procedure for describing, evaluating, authorizing and testing the activities or systems which are essential to the operation.

Coming to the definitions of certification and accreditation, certification is a comprehensive evaluation of system, process, products and skills which are estimated against some specific standards or norms.

And it is considered to be an approval of seal from external bodies to make sure that the companies are meeting the specific International standard requirements.

This ISO certification can be used as a proof for the company’s credibility and helps to build confidence.

Certification bodies which are been accredited can perform only certain functions of assessments or an audit and it should not get involved in setting up the certification process the way which the other certification bodies does which are not accredited.

And about the accreditation part, it is a kind of license given to the certification bodies to perform the audits and to issue the certificates.

In other words, accreditation can be defined as a process of assessments or evaluation of organizations or entities against the specific requirements to make sure their excellence or competency.

Due to this reason many certification bodies are getting accredited and so the companies are getting certified. There should be only one accreditation body for each country and it can operate several certification bodies.

If the certifications institutions are not accredited, it does not mean they are not reputable, as it’s a choice not an obligation of the individual certification bodies. And above the Accreditation bodies comes a forum called as IAF, where only own accreditation bodies would be a member.

IAF is an association of conformity assessment accreditation bodies and other interested bodies in the field of management systems,services, products and any other programs related to conformity assessment (Conformity assessment defined as the certification bodies or the registration bodies, accredited from IAF members that issues the certificates which attest the organization’s products, management or personnel to meet with specific standard requirements).

The main aim of IAF is to develop a program worldwide for conformity assessment which will help to promote the businesses by reducing the risk and gives an assurance to the customers that the accredited certificates to be relied upon around the world.



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What is the ISO Certification?

On the contrary, we can say that there are different types of International standards published by an organization called ISO. If someone says ISO certification, it is a generic term to considered and for an organization to get the specific ISO standard to implement in its management system.

There are many international certificates which are widely recognized by people across the globe, one such good example is ISO 9001 standard and also ISO 14001 standard.

Along with these two international standards, ISO 27001 standard, ISO 22000 standard and many other. The organization to get certification for any of this particular ISO standard concerning implementation, there are many Consulting bodies.

Consultation body such as Factocert act as a bridge between the certification body and the organization get certified with required ISO certification.
Let’s learn about the new terms that we just came across that is certification body and consultation body.

The hierarchy of getting an iso certification for an organization goes like this. Scaling it down, at the very bottom of the regime, there lies the organization above that which certification body exists.

The objective of this certification bodies is to provide the particular certificate concerning the requirements of the organization. Above the certification body, we will find an accreditation body having the goals to accredited certification body to provide the certification to the organizations.

At the very top of this hierarchy, we see a forum which is called as International accreditation forum, short for IAF. This forum formed by each member bodies of the countries where the ISO is considered to be a valid action. There can only be a one-member body associated with ISO from each state.

Let us know what exactly ISO means! ISO is an abbreviation for International Organisation for Standardization. A group of dedicates from different countries sat together and found this organization on the 23rd of February 1947.

It is a Nongovernmental and nonprofitable organization publishing International standards to assist organization across the world to have a global trade and international data exchange.

International certificates are revised by ISO on time to time to provide the updated solutions for the organizations. When the organization undergoes certification for the required ISO standard, it is called ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

The sole purpose of this organization is to publish an International standard based on every business aspect across the globe. Here states that ISO can not certify an organization, but it can be by a certification body with the help of a consultant body.

Once a consultant helps the organization to address the criteria and put them in places, the auditor from the certification body will conduct the final audit and prepare a final report on review.

If there is no existence of major conformance, the certification body will issue the certificate to the organization concerning a specific standard as per the requirement. Entire where all the organizations involved to provide certificate organization, it called as the process of getting ISO certification.




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What is ISO 9001 certification?

ISO 9001 certification is all about the requirement for any company to establish a streamlined quality management system(QMS) which enhance the company process.
QMS, as defined, and to be followed by the company to achieve the result. This achieved by implementing all the needs of the standard and do not depend on the size and nature of business.
Not only meeting the customer needs or even making the continual improvement will fulfil standard needs. Alongside meeting the needs of statutory is also in implementing ISO 9001 standard by any company.
The ISO 9001 standard is considered supreme of all ISO standards. It is always better for a company to start with implementing a QMS that is to achieve any ISO standard. QMS is one of the most prominent rules which is a family of ISO 9001.

Implementing this standard by any company leads to a pavement of fulfilling any other measure. It is the most important to implement a QMS, which needs to be the culture of a company.

In this article, we are keen on understanding the structure and the benefits of implementing the QMS. ISO 9001 consultant is helpful.
The rule is very much accepted of its benefits for a company to improve business and marketing.

Standards always focus on improving the process, which directly enhances the business bottom line.
It gives stability in providing the consistent delivery of products and services. It is achieved by implementing the QMS by any company carrying any range of business activity.

Hereafter discussing the basics of QMS now, we will get complete insight about the QMS standard requirement. For this, we need to understand the points of ISO 9001 standard as described in the high-level structures.

Clauses of ISO 9001 standard:

1. Scope: This clause of the rule defines the boundaries with which the QMS can be adopted within the company. It is essential to consider the extent even before the implementation of the standard.
It is always highly suggested to define all the external and internal parameters that are affecting the company.
This is why many companies fail to succeed in implementing the ISO 9001 standard successfully in the company. It is essential to define the scope of the QMS.

2. Normative references: As discussed earlier in the above context, the ISO 9001 standard belongs to the family of ISO 9000.
While implementing the 9001 or looking towards the rule or its requirements, one might come across many terms, definitions, etc.

QMS cost is worth the investment in many ways, many requirements of the ISO 9001 standard have been misrepresented by the signal of the team in a company point of view, this is because management as a whole does not understand a few technical terms.

All the definitions of the rules stated as a part of the requirement of the QMS.
Does it is a good practice to consider and know the terms and definitions used in the measure as a Proactive exercise? This will improve the performance of the QMS adopted by the company.

3. Terms & Definitions: ISO 9001 standard consists of many words and definitions all across the standards while stating the requirements.
Which can be done by using the terms or even the definition which is not stated the standard requirement.
So this does not become a mandatory part of the QMS Practice.

The same terms and definitions given in the standard can be used, or even alternative different names can be used by the company. The document essential the right time and description can be used as to comfort at all levels of the company. The standard states that the terms and description are not mandatory used as it is in the standard.

All the above three points explained adjust the non-audit able provisions of ISO 9001 standard. You can visit www.factocert.com for further detailed information. 7 more terms are audit-able and in turn, which is very important from the putting o affect point of view.

But it is tough to explain and elaborate all provisions in terms of simple words. Explaining each phrase in the same article could be very difficult, and it might be misrepresented
by the audience in some or the other way. It is not only about the clauses when it comes to the QMS.
There are many types of technique but not only defects to implement the quality management system effectively. We shall discuss the other aspect of the ISO 9001 in this article to have a clear idea about the complete usage cycle of the ISO 9001 standard.

Why ISO 9001 is the most prominent?

As discussed earlier, the two main pillars of the ISO 9001 standard customer satisfaction (CS )and continual improvement (CI). Any company can be sustained in the market only when the delivery of the products and the services meet the demands of their customers. To achieve complete CS, the company should develop the capacity to deliver the solutions accordingly at the right time.

This is possible only if the company is performing its activity is in a streamlined manner. This can be achieved by setting up a step of useful procedure which goes as the day by day activities without any defects.
But the setting up a particular set of requirements which are well defined by the ISO 9001 standard. Thus by implementing the ISO 9001 standard and its needs, the company can contain a defined path to conduct its day to day activity effective.
This will ensure a company to meet the continuous demand and needs of the customer, thus achieving CS. Achieving the certification of QMS will provide the company is performing as planned and the set of requirement as defined in the Quality Standard ISO 9001. This is for Any company can sustain in the market by ensuring the improvement and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of ISO 9001:

ISO 9001 Provides a framework to establish a robust QMS. Helps in achieving customer satisfaction. Provides a competitive edge in the market globally. Compatible to integrate with other management system standards.

Monitoring and measuring of the process, as well as results, are very much effective by implementing the QMS. The holding of both customers and employees is ensured. Production and efficiency of the process are increased more excellently. Consistency of delivering the output is achieved, resulting in less wastage.

Excellently motivates employees to achieve the intended task on time with enhanced efficiency. Helps in bidding for and winning the tender by a public or private sector.

The internal management of the process is streamlined, which increase effectiveness.
Helps senior management to adopt a defined path of quality in every stage of business activity. Promotes improvement of a company. Helps in reducing the time and cost in achieving the desired result.

Assists in defining and setting the roles and to the types of designation in a company. Helps in improving the connection among the employees and also senior management.
These are some of the benefits of implanting and certifying to ISO 9001 standard requirement.
Companies across the globe have witnessed drastic improvement in their business by achieving ISO 9001 certification.

If you wish to go for ISO 9001 certification, the very next option for you is contacting a prominent consulting company. You can directly give a call to Factocert or mail at contact@factocert.com to get your company certified.




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