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What is the ISO Certification?

On the contrary, we can say that there are different types of International standards published by an organization called ISO. If someone says ISO certification, it is a generic term to considered and for an organization to get the specific ISO standard to implement in its management system.

There are many international certificates which are widely recognized by people across the globe, one such good example is ISO 9001 standard and also ISO 14001 standard.

Along with these two international standards, ISO 27001 standard, ISO 22000 standard and many other. The organization to get certification for any of this particular ISO standard concerning implementation, there are many Consulting bodies.

Consultation body such as Factocert act as a bridge between the certification body and the organization get certified with required ISO certification.
Let’s learn about the new terms that we just came across that is certification body and consultation body.

The hierarchy of getting an iso certification for an organization goes like this. Scaling it down, at the very bottom of the regime, there lies the organization above that which certification body exists.

The objective of this certification bodies is to provide the particular certificate concerning the requirements of the organization. Above the certification body, we will find an accreditation body having the goals to accredited certification body to provide the certification to the organizations.

At the very top of this hierarchy, we see a forum which is called as International accreditation forum, short for IAF. This forum formed by each member bodies of the countries where the ISO is considered to be a valid action. There can only be a one-member body associated with ISO from each state.

Let us know what exactly ISO means! ISO is an abbreviation for International Organisation for Standardization. A group of dedicates from different countries sat together and found this organization on the 23rd of February 1947.

It is a Nongovernmental and nonprofitable organization publishing International standards to assist organization across the world to have a global trade and international data exchange.

International certificates are revised by ISO on time to time to provide the updated solutions for the organizations. When the organization undergoes certification for the required ISO standard, it is called ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

The sole purpose of this organization is to publish an International standard based on every business aspect across the globe. Here states that ISO can not certify an organization, but it can be by a certification body with the help of a consultant body.

Once a consultant helps the organization to address the criteria and put them in places, the auditor from the certification body will conduct the final audit and prepare a final report on review.

If there is no existence of major conformance, the certification body will issue the certificate to the organization concerning a specific standard as per the requirement. Entire where all the organizations involved to provide certificate organization, it called as the process of getting ISO certification.




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